We buy and grow great American businesses


Acquire mission-critical businesses from Entrepreneurs


We buy and grow aerospace and defense businesses, stewarding them for the long term.

ADSC focuses on working with owners to enable the smoothest and most rewarding transition possible for themselves, their families, customers, employees & community.

We run acquired companies ourselves with a long term view, growing value with real operational expertise, rather than short-term financial engineering.



Combine our industry knowledge with boots on the ground analysis of your business to quickly understand metrics, challenges & opportunities.

Confirm & Commit

With minimal time impact on owners, confirm our understanding of your business by deep diving into key areas, and commit to acquiring.


Work with owners on a deal structure that meet their financial & personal goals for themselves and their family, customers & employees.

Partner & grow

Execute the acquisition, partner with your employees, customers & community to ensure a smooth transition & enable ongoing growth.


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We're entrepreneurs like you, and value straight talk & transparency. If you want to work with a team that have actually run companies, instead of Finance MBA’s or bankers, get in touch.